Chinese authority issued safety mark certificate for Shearer rubber flexible cable


AnHui TianKang Shearer rubber flexible cables safety mark certificate

Our company is one of the first cable companies in China to pass the Chinese authority issued safety mark certificate for Shearer rubber flexible cables. The shearer is subjected to various mechanical stresses such as frequent bending and stretching during operation, so it is necessary to use a rubber sheathed soft cable for the shearer.This certification marks that our cable can provide various types of cables for coal mining companies. This is the authoritative certification that cable manufacturers must pass to provide cables for coal mining companies.

In 2007, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau issued the "Interim Measures for the Safety Signs of Coal Mine Products" and implemented safety production certification systems for cables, instruments and meters in wells and coal mines, effectively curbing the entry of counterfeit products. Downhole. The safety production marking system is an effective method.

The safety mark product manufacturer shall apply for the safety mark, and it is necessary to fill in the application form, preliminary examination and qualification registration, review and certification.
The application unit for mine product safety signs (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) shall submit an application for safety application for product bidding to the Anbiao National Mine Product Safety Mark Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Banuan National Center” and submit the application materials.
(1) The production unit applying for the safety sign must have the following conditions:
1 There is a business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce;
2 There are registered capital, production scale, business premises and technical strength that are compatible with the production of mining products;
3 The main managers should understand the relevant regulations on coal mine safety;
4 production equipment with guaranteed product quality;
5 There are inspection and testing methods to meet the product safety performance requirements:
6 The production process is advanced, reasonable and reliable;
7 has a sound and effective quality assurance system;
8 with finished product production (assembly) and factory inspection conditions;
9 other relevant conditions.
(2) Products applying for safety signs must meet the following conditions:
1 Meet the requirements of coal mine safety production, in line with current national safety standards, industry safety standards and "Safety Regulations for Coal Mines";
2 have correct and complete technical documents;
3 New products produced by new materials, new technologies and new processes shall have appraisal or review opinions approved by the provincial and ministerial level safety production supervision (supervision) agencies;
4 other relevant conditions.
(3) The mining product production unit applying for the safety mark shall fill in the “Application for Safety Signs” in duplicate and submit the following materials to the certification body:
1 copy of the business license, and stamp the official seal of the applicant;
2 Technical documents such as product production standards (technical conditions), product drawings, and process flow charts;
3 product photos;
(4) Other relevant information.
Initial review, acceptance
The Anbiao National Center shall conduct a preliminary examination of the application materials submitted by the applicant, and if it meets the requirements, it shall sign a contract with the applicant for acceptance.
Technical review, product inspection
The Biaobiao National Center conducts a technical review of the applied product organization and entrusts the testing and testing institutions authorized by the State Administration of Safety Supervision to inspect the products.
On-site review
The Anbiao National Center Organization Review Team conducts on-site inspection and assessment of the applicant's main qualification, production capacity, and product safety performance guarantee system.
Issuing certificate
The certification body shall issue the "Safety Mark Certificate" to the products that have passed the final inspection, and permit the use of the "Safety Marks" uniformly issued by the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety on its products and packaging; and the provincial-level coal mine safety supervision organization at the place where the production unit is located ( If there is no provincial coal mine safety supervision institution, the department designated by the people's government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau shall record the case separately and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau shall make an announcement.
The unit that applies for the safety mark of the mining product shall pay the assessment fee according to the state regulations.
The validity period of the product safety mark for coal mines is generally 2 to 5 years according to product standards and management requirements.
The national certification body is responsible for the evaluation results of the safety mark management products.



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