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Anhui Tiankang Group once again ranks among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies

On September 20, 2023, the 2023 China's Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum was grandly held in Hefei, Anhui. At the meeting, the 2023 China's Top 500 Enterprises, China's Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, China's Top 500 Service Enterprises, China's Top 100 Multinational Companies and Transnational index, list of China's top 100 leading enterprises in strategic emerging industries, China's top 100 innovative large enterprises and their analysis reports. Anhui Tiankang Group has been listed on the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises in 2023" list for 11 consecutive years.

Anhui Tiankang Group

This Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum is the 22nd time since 2002 that the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association have released the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and their analysis reports to the public. Experts and entrepreneur representatives at the meeting agreed that the series of lists and analysis reports of China's top 500 companies in 2023 launched by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association are informative and rich in content, which can not only see the progress and development resilience of China's large enterprises , in recent years, in the face of increasingly severe industry situations and market competition, Anhui Tiankang Group has actively changed, faced difficulties, and taken proactive measures in terms of market development, resource optimization, R&D capability improvement, operation quality improvement, and intelligent manufacturing improvement. Carry out in-depth work to overcome various risks and challenges and achieve high-quality development of the enterprise.


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