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Group leaders expressed condolences to frontline employees at high temperatures

       In the past few days, our city has continued to experience high temperatures above 35 °C. Despite this, the Group's frontline employees are not afraid of high temperatures and always fight in their respective positions. On July 14, the group's general manager Mao Wen, deputy general manager Yan Yujun and other leaders and related functional department leaders, braved the high temperature to penetrate the production line, condolences to the work of employees in high temperature environment.
      The group leaders successively went to the production site of Cable One Branch, Nankang Tiankang Hospital site, electrical, medical, cable branch, photovoltaic, instrumentation, lithium battery, special vehicle, etc., and sent heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs to frontline employees. The relevant situation of production, and expressed cordial condolences.
      Everywhere, the group leaders also inspected the situation of safe production and enterprise management, requiring the responsible persons of all units to pay special attention to the heatstroke prevention and cooling work of frontline workers, rationally arrange the work and rest time of workers, and eliminate all kinds of The safety hazards of high temperature weather ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly manner.
      The condolences of the group leaders further motivated the enthusiasm of the frontline employees. Everyone said that they will continue to stick to their respective posts, persist in fighting high temperatures, safety, quality, and progress, and successfully complete the Group's production tasks.
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