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Anhui Tiankang Group held the 2021 safety production work conference

On the morning of February 27, 2021, the Anhui Tiankang Group organized a 2021 production safety work conference at the Conference Center on the 10th floor. The meeting summarized the safety production work in 2020 and made arrangements for the safety production work in 2021. Mao Wenwen, director of the group's technology research and development center, and Xu Chengye, deputy general manager, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Qu Anchang, deputy director of the Group Safety Committee.

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Mao Wenwen, director of the Technology R&D Center, emphasized at the meeting: The benefits of enterprises come from safe production and refined management. Work safety has always been the top priority of the group's work, and all employees must attach great importance to it and pay attention to it. In 2021, work safety in 2021 must meet early requirements, early emphasis, early arrangements, and early deployment. Eight musts must be strictly implemented, namely, leadership must be strong, systems must be implemented, responsibilities must be implemented, investigations must be comprehensive, rectification must be thorough, and supervision must be In place, the crackdown must be resolute, and the accountability must be severe. At the same time, we must always think about safety, seek safety in everything, ensure safety everywhere, and everyone talks about safety.

Mao's article requires that all factories (companies), manufacturing departments and group functional departments should improve their political positions, fully understand the importance and urgency of safe production work, and always stick to safe production in a state of walking on thin ice and ringing alarm bells. Red line and bottom line, with a higher sense of responsibility and mission to do every work of safety production; to further strengthen the awareness of safety responsibility of all employees, and quickly convey the spirit of the meeting to the front line, to the team, to the specific operators, and to be practical Do a good job in the final "one kilometer" problem; it is necessary to carry out comprehensive and in-depth safety inspections, in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers, and focus on the maintenance, inspection and maintenance of equipment and facilities; it is necessary to further improve the accident emergency rescue management mechanism and improve Various types of emergency response plans will effectively improve the level of emergency response, and at the same time, we must further strengthen the ideological education of workers' safety in production. At present, epidemic prevention and control is still the focus of our work safety. We must implement the most stringent personnel investigation and control efforts to comprehensively prevent and control the epidemic.

Mao’s article emphasized that the responsible comrades of each section should personally participate in, arrange, and deploy according to the specific work responsibilities of safety production; achieve layer-by-layer implementation, layer-by-layer transmission, layer-by-layer function, and layer-by-layer performance; the group safety committee must increase Intensify assessment, increase inspections, increase supervision, comprehensively strengthen the implementation of responsibility measures, take "zero casualties, zero injuries, and zero accidents" as the annual work goal, and strive to achieve a good situation of stable development of the group's safe production. Make due contributions to maintaining the group's economic development and overall stability.

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At the meeting, Xu Chengye, deputy general manager of the group, made a report on safety production in 2020, summarized and analyzed the annual safety production work, and made specific arrangements and deployments for safety production in 2021; Qu Anchang, deputy director of the group safety committee Work safety training was conducted at the meeting; the main persons in charge of each unit signed and submitted the 2021 safety production target management responsibility letter.


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