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What are the advantages of flat cables compared to round cables?

What are the advantages of flat cables compared to round cables?I believe that in the minds of many people, they will think that the cables are round, so there is no such thing as a flat cable. But in fact, they don’t know the existence of flat cables, and the application of this kind of cable in their lives is still very different. Generally, if you want to understand the knowledge related to flat cables, let's take a look at the difference between flat cables and round cables!
A flat cable or ribbon cable is a flat wire formed by combining many wires. This kind of cable has low cost, light weight, strong toughness, and can be easily used in large equipment as well as in small equipment. Flat cable has the characteristics of heat radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
Installation range of flat cable and round cable
Flat cables are suitable for lifting equipment, cable tracks, trolleys, transmission machinery, elevators, cranes, tower cranes, telescopic machinery and other mobile electrical power transmission lines and control, lighting, communication channels in special places, and can also be used in enclosed indoor environments Connection and installation of moving mechanical parts, etc. Compared with round cables, flat cables have the advantages of saving installation space and cost, and in the case of the same number of core wires, their bending radius is smaller than that of round cables.
The difference between flat cable and round cable
First of all, for the flat cable, the most obvious difference between it and the round cable is that there is a significant difference in the shape of the two. As the name implies, the shape of the flat cable is flat, while the shape of the round cable is round. This is the difference in appearance between the two, and the internal structure is definitely different. The internal cable wires are arranged in rows. , And for round cables, it is to fix them together to form a round cable!
On the other hand, there are obvious differences in the application of the two, because the structure of the flat cable is relatively special. When the number of core wires is exactly the same, the flat cable has a larger bending amplitude than the round cable. In some cases where the cable is often bent, the flat cable can be competent to avoid breaking due to frequent bending, so it can be widely used in various mobile electrical equipment, such as various starter equipment elevators And the tower crane waiting!


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