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K-type extension type compensation wire KX and compensation type compensation wire KC difference

What is the difference between the K-type extension type compensation wire and the compensation type compensation wire? KX is an extended compensation wire, KC is a compensation type compensation wire, the extended material is consistent with the thermocouple, and the compensation effect is better than the compensation type K thermocouple compensation wire.
According to the materials used, the compensation wires are divided into two types: compensation type wire (C) and extended type wire (X). In general, the K-type extension type compensation wire is used to extend the cold end of the thermocouple to the control room (the zero-end temperature is easy to realize the control reference), and only the cold end of the thermocouple is transferred to a relatively stable temperature place without compensation. The general K-type compensation type compensation wire material is different from the hot electrode material, so it is often used in platinum-iridium thermocouples, which can only be consistent with the thermoelectric characteristics of thermocouples within a certain temperature range.
It should be noted that the thermocouple compensation wire itself does not compensate for the change in the temperature of the cold junction of the thermocouple, whether it is a compensation type or an extension type. It only acts as an extension of the cold junction of the thermocouple, changing the cold junction position of the thermocouple, so as to adopt other compensation methods. .
In addition, even within the specified temperature range of use, since the thermoelectric characteristics of the compensation wire are unlikely to be identical to those of the thermocouple, there is still a certain error.
Compensation wire use purpose
(1) Move the reference end of the thermocouple from a high temperature to a place where the ambient temperature is relatively stable.
(2) Saving a large amount of valuable and rare metal materials for manufacturing hot electrodes.
(3) Use compensation wires for easy installation and wiring.
(4) Replacing the hot electrode with a compensation wire with a larger diameter and a larger conductivity can reduce the resistance of the thermocouple loop, which is advantageous for measurement and automatic control.thermocouple extension wire color code


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