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PUR cable vs PVC cable?

PUR cable vs PVC cable?Polyurethane is specially designed to be used in towline cables with continuous bending and high-speed motion, and PUR cable is also suitable for wiring inside the machine. Widely used in: high-speed drag chain system, machine movable parts connection, machine internal wiring. The polyurethane outer sheath material has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, bending resistance, oil resistance, waterproofing, antibacterial, and flame retardant, which make the cable widely used in the fields of automation, industrial drag chains and industrial robots. PVC cables can be used in dry and humid indoor environments and are not suitable for outdoor environments. It is especially suitable for the measurement and control of tool processing, mechanical industry, electronics and computer. It can be applied to medium mechanical stress, and can move freely without tensile stress.
PUR cable and PVC cable Features:
The PUR cable is cost-effective and has a long service life. The special PUR material makes it wear-resistant and high-stability. The special structure allows it to maintain good stability in medium and high-speed drag chain applications.
One of the most obvious advantages of PVC cables is the low production cost. The corresponding disadvantage is that the elasticity is very weak. If you want to restore the original state, it often takes a long time. In summary, PVC cables are more cost-effective, suitable for low-end products, and must not have too high requirements for stretching frequency.


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