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Polyurethane cable features advantages and applications

The PUR cable is one of the cables. The material of the PUR cable has the advantage of being resistant to oil and abrasion, while the PVC is made of ordinary materials. In the cable industry of the past few years, the status of polyurethane has become increasingly important. At a certain temperature, the mechanical properties of the material are similar to those of rubber, and the combination of thermoplasticity and elasticity results in a TPE thermoplastic elastomer. PUR cable is mainly divided into PUR oil and wear resistant power cord, PUR oil resistant and wear resistant (unshielded) cable, PUR oil resistant wear resistant shielded cable.
PUR polyurethane cable performance
Excellent oil resistance, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance (low temperature resistance), water resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, long service life, UV resistance and energy release. It is suitable for oil pollution and extremely low temperature environment. Bad occasions. Cable insulation generally cannot withstand high mechanical stresses, and on the other hand is widely used as a sheath material. This is especially true for flexible control and connecting cables that are often exposed to sharp corners and rough surfaces. Because the cable is easy to cause the incision in this environment, the slit will be stretched when the cable is used flexibly, and the impact of the tool and the machine will also produce the overall stress.
PUR polyurethane cable have the following important continuing properties:
High tensile strength
Tear resistance
Resistance gap
Wear resistance
Resistant to repeated bending
Shock proof
Low temperature flexibility
PUR polyurethane cable Application range
Widely used in industrial machinery equipment, transmission and transmission control systems, various industrial sensors, testing instruments, electronic equipment, household appliances, electromechanical, kitchen and other equipment, for the environment, oil and other occasions of power supply, signal connection.
PUR polyurethane cable pay attention
To avoid deviations in product prices from specifications and product characteristics after ordering, customers consider these two points before ordering products:
1. Should be fully communicated by our staff, such as: cable specifications (core number and conductor cross-sectional area); whether it is used for towline, occasional mobile or fixed installation; use environment, temperature, working voltage, and running speed;
2. If this special cable you need are more complicated, you can customize them.


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