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7 employees of Anhui Tiankang Group obtained the qualification of "TUV Functional Safety Certified Engineer"

      On November 30, 2020, Huang Fei, President of TUV TUSTRIA, a world-renowned product certification service organization, and gold lecturers Zhang Tao, and Zhu Yi visited Anhui tiankang (group) co. LTD. They were 7 people including Zhang Jun who obtained the qualification of "TUV Functional Safety Certified Engineer" Issue a certificate. Mao Wenwen, general manager of Anhui Tiankang Group, attended the certification ceremony.
      At the ceremony, Mr. Mao first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of President Huang Fei of TUV TUSTRIA and the two teachers, and briefly introduced the basic situation and development history of Anhui Tiankang Group. Chairman Mao said that Anhui Tiankang Group is one of China's top 500 manufacturing companies, China's top 500 private enterprises, China's top 100 electronics and information companies, and China's top 100 machinery industry companies. For many years, Anhui Tiankang Group has always put brand and reputation in the first place, leading the company's high-quality, high-quality and high-level development with technological innovation. TUV TUSTRIA is a world-renowned product certification service organization with a wide range of services. Anhui Tiankang Group is looking forward to cooperating with TUV TUSTRIA in various aspects of product certification and personnel training, so as to promote the high-quality development of the group.

       President Huang Fei of TUV TUSTRIA stated at the ceremony that as a service organization with a history of 148 years and dedicated to safety, quality, environment, resources and training, TUV TUSTRIA must be "independent, responsible, sustainable and reliable." The idea of developing better and more comprehensive services for the healthy development of Anhui Tiankang Group.

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