PUR polyurethane cable

  • FLEX CP polyurethane cable
FLEX CP polyurethane cable

FLEX CP polyurethane cable

  • FLEX CP polyurethane cable
  • polyurethane cable
  • Product description: A range of FLEX CP polyurethane cable for harsh environments. PUR and strong sheath improve mechanical and chemical endurance. Ideal for applications in the food and beverage industry.
FLEX CP polyurethane cable, screened, for oil- and abrasion resistant application in industrial machinery automation and appliances,High mechanical strength,Good oil resistance,EMC compliant copper screening,polyurethane cable is ideal for outdoor or indoor use because of the extremely tough polyurethane sheathing materials. The FLEX CP polyurethane cable is designed for heavy duty industrial applications, for machine tool and plant manufacturing, or other instances where cables are exposed to heavy wear and tear.
FLEX CP polyurethane cable Application range
Industrial machinery and machine tools
Measurement, control and electrical applications
Food production and packaging machinery
Very suitable for oily wet areas within machinery and production lines that are subject to normal mechanical stress
Under consideration of the temperature range also suitable for flexible outdoor use
FLEX CP polyurethane cable Make-up
Fine-wire, bare copper conductor
Core insulation: special PVC
Cores twisted in layers
PVC inner sheath, grey
Tinned-copper braiding
Special polyurethane outer sheath (PUR)

Sheath colour: Grey (similar RAL 7001)

ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 400 CP polyurethane cable

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