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Anhui Tiankang Group Holds 2019 Annual Commendation and Commendation and 2020 Work Deployment Conference

     On the morning of January 20th, Anhui Tiankang Group's 2019 annual summary commendation and 2020 work deployment conference was held at the Group Conference Center. Nearly 800 people including group leaders, all party members, company shareholders, all sales managers, deputy managers and above, retired employee representatives, annual advanced personnel, "hundred people plan" personnel and employee representatives attended the meeting. Zhao Kuan, Chairman of the Group, made a keynote report at the meeting, "Unify Thoughts, Clarify Thoughts, and Start a New Journey of High-Quality Development." The meeting was chaired by the group general manager Mao Wenwen.

Anhui Tiankang Group

     The Chairman pointed out that 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the group. In the face of the challenges of the internal and external environment, the group united and united as one, and united as one to make the group's overall development speed, development quality, and operating performance stable The development momentum of continuous improvement. In particular, new progress has been made in deepening reforms, innovation and research, talent training, and party labor groups. While steadily developing the traditional industries of instruments and optical cables, vigorously develop pharmaceuticals and emerging industries, and realize the upgrading and transformation of the industrial structure. . Entering a new era in 2020, the Group must focus on the goals of deepening reform, optimizing assessment and strengthening management, further strengthening the internal and external environment creation and comprehensive service work, and promoting the rapid development of the enterprise.

      Mao Zedong, general manager of the Group, made emphasis and requirements on the implementation of the meeting spirit. He pointed out that in his speech, the chairman put forward general requirements and specific goals for the Group's work in 2020. All participants must thoroughly and deeply communicate and learn about the content of this meeting, and combine daily work to achieve direction, goals and motivation. . He demanded that we must fully recognize the seriousness, arduousness, and challenge of the current enterprises in the development process, and continue to advance the deepening of reforms. We must be problem-oriented, emancipate the mind, broaden our horizons, and act; For the first concept, strengthen the quality inspection system, cultivate quality awareness, strengthen quality control, and ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises. At the same time, President Mao also deployed and arranged production tasks, safety guarantees, and civilized holidays during the Spring Festival.

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      Group leader Zhao Jianbing read the "Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives and Advanced Workers in 2019".
      Group sales rising star representative Wang Lei, Tiankang craftsman representative Zhang Jun, and advanced production worker representative Chen Kuna made advanced speeches respectively; the meeting also served as excellent sales manager, advanced sales manager, sales rising star, Tiankang craftsman, advanced production worker and safety production Advanced units perform awards.


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