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Zhang Li, Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, visited AnHui TianKang Group for investigation

      On April 22, Zhang Li, deputy director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Chuzhou City Yao Zhi, Tianchang City leaders Deng Jigan, Lu Kai, etc., visited Anhui Tiankang Group for investigation. Group Chairman Zhao Kuan, General Manager Mao Wenwen, and Deputy General Managers Song Chunyu, Bai Baodong and Xu Chengye received Zhang and his party.

      Zhang Li and his party went deep into the Tiankang medical technology protective equipment production line and carefully checked the quality inspection during the production of medical materials such as masks and protective clothing. The chairman of the group, Zhao Kuan, reported the development of the group and the production and operation of medical protective materials to Zhang Li and his party. Tension affirmed the achievements of the Tiankang Group over the past 40 years of development. During the epidemic, Tiankang Group came forward regardless of cost and used its own industrial advantages to urgently produce medical protective materials, and donated many times to the epidemic area. The responsibility and the spirit of great love are appreciated.

AnHui TianKang Group

      In the survey, Zhang Li pointed out that the production enterprises of anti-epidemic materials should strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission, strictly control product quality, high-quality standardized production, improve production technology and expand production capacity, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, win development opportunities, and become bigger and stronger enterprises. . At the same time, relevant departments should focus on the production needs of enterprises, strengthen coordination services, help enterprises solve practical difficulties encountered in production in a timely manner, make good use of policies, strengthen the supervision of the price and quality of the entire chain of anti-epidemic material production equipment and raw material supply, and start from Good customs, help enterprises do their best to release production capacity, and make every effort to promote the development and growth of enterprises.

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