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Anhui Tiankang Group held a meeting on talent work

On the afternoon of July 21, anhui Tiankang Group talent work conference and the second batch of "100 talents Cultivation Plan" member selection ceremony was held successfully in the conference center. Leaders of the group Zhao Kuan, MAO Wenzhang, Zhao Jianbing, Song Chunyu, Xu Chengye and relevant department heads, as well as members of the group's "100 People Cultivation Plan" attended the meeting.
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Zhao Kuan, secretary of the Party Committee of the group and chairman of the board, delivered an important speech at the meeting. The chairman pointed out that talent is the fundamental and core element of the development of the enterprise, and the group has always attached great importance to the construction of talent team. It is of great practical and strategic significance to strengthen the talent work and talent team construction to enhance the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the group and promote the leap-forward development of Tiankang Group. Everyone must strictly in accordance with the "listen to the party, do practical work, super innovation, happy dedication, with rich" code of conduct to require themselves, to use the "five standards" to compare themselves, so that their daily work and life progress. Through this meeting, the group must do a good job of talent management are looking for emphasis and focus, the unified thought to the conference spirit, unity to the deployment and requirements of this meeting, by the high political responsibility and historic sense of mission personnel work earnestly and talent team construction, and promote the spirit of innovation and practical style, literally the meeting proposed the tasks and requirements to carry out, implement, so as to realize a great target of "one hundred days".

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MAO Wenzhang, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the group, raised hopes and requirements for talent construction at the meeting. Chairman MAO hopes that all the selected employees will cherish the honor and seize the opportunity to be the leaders who abide by the rules and regulations, set the pace, innovate and research, contribute to their positions and support the group. I hope everyone keep the original heart, strong faith, break the confusion mentality; We must have perseverance, increase our ability and get rid of complacency. Forge a crafty mind, dare to bear responsibility, break the fear of difficulties; Strong confidence, good innovation, break the conservative mentality. MAO general requirements, the current group is in a critical period of reform and development, we must seize this rare strategic opportunity, in strict accordance with the chairman of the board of directors "five words, 15 words" the spirit of constantly improve themselves, to enrich oneself, perfect oneself, strive to do "have ideal, have culture, morality, ability, have bear" "five have talent". With the enterprising spirit of daring to go up and down, with the innovative courage of "dare to be the first in the world", we go forward courageously and struggle persistently to live up to our youth on the big stage of Tiankang, and strive to write the precious poems of life.
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