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What are the influencing factors of uneven heating of electric heating tape?

What are the influencing factors of uneven heating of Heat Trace Cable?With the continuous maturity of electric heating technology, it has been frequently used in antifreeze treatment and temperature maintenance of various piping systems and process equipment, valves, and tanks. We all know that electric heating cables have a major feature of uniform heating, but many users experience uneven heating during use. What causes it? as follows:

self regulating heat tape

1. Problems in the selection of electric heating, improper selection and wrong selection
How to judge whether the selection is correct, one of the important criteria is the higher temperature withstand value of the outer wall of the heated pipe. In addition to the determination of the heating temperature, this withstand temperature determines whether the outer wall of the pipe will be damaged due to high temperature. If the pipeline equipment When the surface temperature is subjected to the critical point, it is easy to cause "spots" of burns.
2. Irregular installation of electric heating
Winding should be carried out in accordance with the ratio specified by the winding of the electric heating calculation. When the electric heating products are wound and installed (for example, relatively large pipe diameters, tank installation), the installation spacing between the electric heating belt products should be evenly laid, and for the tank Body heat tracing, generally two-thirds of the tank body needs to be installed to meet the heat tracing demand. In the case of laying directly on the pipeline, it should be installed at an angle of 45° below the pipeline to facilitate heat transfer. For irregular parts such as pipes and valves, please pay special attention to whether the parts are used. Although the heating temperature of the PTC self-control electric heating belt is relatively uniform, the jacket has a strong heat collection performance. In order to ensure uniform heat dissipation and expand the heat dissipation area, aluminum foil tape is required.
3. Improper installation of external insulation
The quality of external insulation is an important factor for heat tracing. In open air or wet conditions, its waterproof performance needs to be considered, and a waterproof cover needs to be added. In addition, the average thickness of the external insulation should be guaranteed.
In addition, when installing electric heating cables, pay attention to the laying method, which should be defined according to the characteristics of the equipment pipeline and the surrounding environment. You can choose aluminum foil tape to increase the heating area; the insulation layer is also an important factor for uniform heating. If the heating environment is relatively humid, you should also pay attention to the waterproof condition of the insulation layer and the thickness of the insulation layer.


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