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Rvvp cable meaning

Rvvp cable meaning?RVVP shielded flexible cable is suitable for communication, audio, audio, and microphone cables with rated voltages of 300/500V and below, and has the effect of resisting external signal interference. RVVP is a multi-core flexible wire with soft conductor PVC insulated wire plus shielding layer and PVC sheath.

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The rvvp cable meaning
1. RVVP implementation standard JB/T8734.5-2016
2. PVC insulation
3. PVC sheath
4. The conductor is multi-core annealed bare copper stranded
5. Two-core or more core wires are twisted into a cable
6. After being cabled, it can be shielded by aluminum foil
7. Bare copper wire or tinned copper wire braided shielding net
8. The rated voltage is 300/300V
9. The normal working temperature does not exceed 70℃
10. Product CCC certification
RVVP copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable wire. There is a shielding woven net (aluminum foil + shielding layer).
RVV copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable. No shielding layer, commonly known as sheathed wire.
RVVP is used in places that need anti-interference to resist external signal interference, such as KTV microphone lines, telephone communications, and broadcast audio.

RVV is mainly used for power transmission lines, instrumentation, doorbell walkie-talkies, computer power lines and signal transmission connection lines.

Rvvp cable meaning,RVVP vs RVV cable


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